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Movie Theaters May Start Charging Higher Prices for Popular Films

From Cinelinx:

The AMC Theater chain is talking about instituting a variable pricing model for films, which would see the big blockbusters cost more for admission than other releases. The theater chain feels that it’s standard business practice in most industries to charge more for in-demand products, so they are considering bringing that practice to movie theaters.

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darklordzor393d ago

Well, this is just an awful fucking idea.

rdgneoz3393d ago

And AMC will see all the sales go down for huge movies, where people will go to the competition so they're not paying more money to see the same thing. They already charge an arm and a leg for popcorn and drinks as it is...

TheRandomOne393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

Bring it AMC

Count_Bakula393d ago

"Stop pirating our movies!" ::raises prices on SOME films based on popularity::

admiralvic392d ago

I want to say the basic idea makes sense, in that it would encourage people see less popular movies because they cost less, but the price of the theater is already quite high.

The last time I went and saw a movie it cost me $8.50 a ticket and that doesn't include the absurdly high price of popcorn and drinks.

hirobrotagonist392d ago

$8.50??! Where the hell do you live? I never pay less than 12 bucks each for tickets. $8.50 is about what I paid in junior high and I'm over the age of 30

freshslicepizza393d ago

james cameron talked about his years ago as budgets (including his) ballooned.

zeal0us393d ago

You do that and I'll go back to my pirating ways/use kodi to stream all the damn movies.

TheRandomOne393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

Sweet so when the big blockbusters start bombing domestically they can blame AMC if they raise the prices Im out & can go to the smaller Regal theater not a problem

StarWarsFan393d ago

Terrible idea. Lesser-known films should have the same shot as accumulating the same amount of box-office numbers as ones they think will do well.

freshslicepizza392d ago

they will if people boycott the premium prices attached to bigger budgeted movies.

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The story is too old to be commented.