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The Flash Solo Movie Will Feature an "Amateur-Hour" Barry Allen


Plus, why only Werner Herzog could make a certain kind of Flash story.

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blackblades673d ago

I'm to used to the tv series berry Allen actor. Marvel still rules in live action.

Retroman673d ago (Edited 673d ago )

I dont watch the tv series but Grant Gustin is Good actor. hoping Ezra Miller do great job on Big screen as The Flash .
Personally dont like either suit compare to original suit from the 60's-70's comic an cartoon.
Movie Flash suit do not need to be Armor . tv series flash suit should not look like leisure Burgundy jacket with slap on lightling pendant . Burgundy corduroy pants with matching gloves. as a extra Bonus Burgundy motorcycle helmet as a cowl . the show is a Joke!!! FX is great . to bad 90's Flash show did not have FX technology of today .

acemonkey673d ago

So this is an origins story?