The Walking Dead Reveals Who Judith's Father Is

Could it be Dale? It shouldn't be... right? Last night's The Walking Dead finally revealed Judith's true parents, and it might be a bit of a surprise.

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Soldierone339d ago

Not at all surprising, but it makes you love Rick even more and hate Lori even more.

blackblades339d ago

Liked how they finally spoked about old characters. Also not surprising at all if you actually watched the show.

Dee_91339d ago

It's been known since season 1, especially during the cdc episode. Yea it just makes you think back to all of the characters we lost, makes losing glen and abraham a bit easier to deal with.

Soldierone337d ago

^Bring up a good point with the CDC. Could this be what was whispered into Ricks ear?

Aldous_Snow339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Why would it be a surprise? Dumb article

StarWarsFan339d ago

I can't remember if I never thought about it or if it was left a mystery at the time.

leopsyenligne337d ago

Merci pour cette info ! Je ne sais pas ce que vous en pensez, mais la série F.E.A.R est quand même beaucoup mieux que TWD...c'est mon avis bien sur ;)