Word of Warning - Someone Trying to Social Engineer their way into your FW account

THis morning I received a message from someone claiming to be Newsboiler Support. The message they sent me is as follows:

I am Zach ( Network Security Personnel ) from NewsBoiler , HAVAMedia. My duty is to keep the Contributors' account secured. Recently I was browsing through your account and there was something which was troubling me. Someone is trying to access your account remotely by brute-force technique. We had blocked that person's IP but the person can strike again by some other means.

We don't keep our Contributor's password saved in our system. So to add an extra security layer to your account we will need to have a brief access of your account. So to have brief access we will need your Filmwatch/11*2/AnimeShinbun account's password.
Reply to this PM with your Username and Password.
Happy contributing : )
---Zach "

to the best of my knowledge, they should/would never ask for this information AND the real employees of this site/family of sites would use their own internal ticketing system. Not some newly created account.

If I'm wrong someone from FW should notify me but I don't give usernames/passwords and neither should you. I actually sent in a ticket to the fw crew but have yet to receive a response indicating they're taking this seriously so i thought I should reach out to you all here to warn you just in case.

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dauntingpixel683d ago

this account has been reported as suspicious

dauntingpixel681d ago

well past 24hrs later and i still haven't heard anything. highly frustrating. would at least like to know they are aware of the situation adn doing something about it.