Quentin Tarantino Confirms Retirement Rumors: Two More Films and Out


Speaking at the Adobe Max creativity conference in San Diego, the director said he's stopping at 10 features: "Drop the mic. Boom. Tell everybody, 'Match that shit.'"

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dauntingpixel593d ago

but will they be any good? i haven't much liked his recent works.

NotEvenMyFinalForm593d ago

His past 2 movies were critically acclaimed by critics and fans. The Hateful Eight and Django Unchained were beautifully written, directed and the acting was top notch. Even Jamie Foxx who is an awful actor Quentin somehow made him shine and now that will be the movie that actor will be remembered for... If you can't appreciate any of this then you should stick to your vapid superhero movies and dumb Michael Bay garbage.

Sitdown592d ago

So the awful actor who received an Oscar won't even be remembered for Ray? Interesting...

dauntingpixel592d ago

i'm just not a big fan of his most recent work. sue me. i loved pulp fiction and reservoir dogs but not much else from him was particularly interesting to me. you really don't need to get bent out of shape over it.

1nsomniac592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

I know what you mean about Pulp Fiction & Reseviour Dogs. I think he took a completely different direction with those 2 films & they definitely stand out as his best. The others are an acquired taste. Still good films but you almost need to watch them keeping it in your mind what he was trying to do.

They're not films you can just sit & just enjoy like Pulp Fiction & Reservoir Dogs.

shabz6661592d ago

@ duantingpixel that must be quentin tarantino, check for a foot fetish to confirm

dauntingpixel592d ago

not sure i understand what you're saying

Aldous_Snow593d ago

Love this guy!! Never made a bad movie. Always like his little cameos too lol

EazyC592d ago

Hopefully he does another crime one, I know it has become. A bit divisive amongst film lovers, buy I thought Pulp Fiction i want overrated and possibly my favourite movie. Everything in it was perfect! Same with Reservoir Dogs actually. He's become a very different director over time though, so I think realistically I shouldn't expect one.