New Wonder Woman Trailer is Finally Here

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The new trailer for Wonder Woman is out. Come check it out in the player below

Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman opens in theaters on June 2, 2017. It will be the fourth film in the newly-launched DC Cinematic Universe, following 2013’s Man of Steel and this year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.

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dauntingpixel684d ago

this looks like it's going to be pretty freaking awesome if you ask me.

Porcelain_Chicken683d ago

I agree! The action looks amazing!! Gal looks so beautiful in that armor. So majestic! :D and the color!!!! Omg the color! Take that Snyder and his 400 color sucking filters! >_<

-Foxtrot683d ago

This is looking like another BvS, SS...

Gal looks beautiful but awful as Wonder Woman...not to forget she can't act to save her god damn life. She has the personality of a rock and the acting skills of a plank of wood.

freshslicepizza683d ago

someone wasn't hugged enough as a child

Germany7682d ago

Who? You? That's the reason why you always stealth troll any article around here?

KingPin683d ago

please name a few people you'd rather see as WW and what about this trailer/story you would change.
you're very against this so clearly you have a better idea of what it should be in your head.
please enlighten us all as to what you're thinking.

acemonkey683d ago

all depends on if you think she needs to be tall and build a bit or Build, i can think of cosplayers at a local con or fitness models. Could they act i dont know, but she only had like 10 lines in BvS.

aDDicteD683d ago

The trailer looks good, I do hope that it won't disappoint because other previous D.C. Film also had very good and promising trailer like suicide squad.

Anzil682d ago

Ya and it was the worst out of all three

acemonkey683d ago

This trailer was okay to good.The first trailer was better, but if you like a backflip, more details on the plot, lasso throw on top a roof, another small skit of that fat girl talking then this was the trailer for you. You guys are over hyping this movie its going to live up to BvS ( which split DC fans ) and SS (some how brought every DC fan back and said this movie was flawless great epic some how with a straight face)

Still looking forward to seeing it. ( i see all comic book movies even Man-thing)

Germany7682d ago

Another DC movie? I will wait for the Uncut Ultimate Final Edition.

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