Michael Fassbender Thinks They Should Take on a Woman James Bond

The German/Irish actor who had been said to be the next James Bond favourite to take over the role from Daniel Craig. Has said he won’t be taking on the role. He also said maybe a woman should take on the role to shake things up.

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Porcelain_Chicken653d ago (Edited 653d ago )

I get what he's saying about mixing it up but I don't know if I'm necesseraly for it. James Bond has always been a white British man, that's a very crucial part of who James Bond is and shouldn't be touched. I feel as though if we went with a woman or even an American it would change things a bit too much to the point where it's practically a new franchise. Create a seperate franchise very close to Bond and hire Rebecca Ferguson and I'll be all over that movie but changing what seems like tradition at this point may not be such a good idea. Especially since nobody is screaming for it!

Bitz653d ago

I totally agree with you 100%

Aldous_Snow653d ago

I would rather see Daniel Craig in a dress and stilettos than have a female Bond

Tonykid652d ago

Or you can make a new Spy movie franchise.

KingPin652d ago

what a ridiculous idea.

as if the mission impossible and bourne series' were successful.

like seriously....a female jame bond just makes more sense.


2pacalypsenow652d ago

Please no, hollywood already ruined Ghostbusters by pulling that crap

Helios86652d ago

They ruined Ghostbusters due to pretty much everything else, starting with making it a damned reboot.

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The story is too old to be commented.