The Strain: "The Fall" Review - IGN

The Strain's third season wrapped up this week as our heroes tried to lure the Master into a trap.

Last week's episode of The Strain could almost have functioned as a season finale, what with it bringing about the deaths of several major characters and significantly changing the show's status quo. But the show still had one week left to go. And as dark and dramatic as this season has been at times, "The Fall" proved that things can and will become much worse for our heroes.

Things were looking up for our heroes this week, at least relatively speaking. Palmer finally made his stand against the Master last week, mortally wounding Eichorst and appropriating the Master's other suitcase nuke. Now all Eph and his allies needed to do was hold it together long enough to spring their trap and seal the Master away in a silver-lined coffin for all eternity. No pressure, guys.

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alycakes623d ago

I can't wait to see this today. I was busy watching other things last night but I have a ton of stuff to catch up on today

Aldous_Snow623d ago

It was a very good finale to a lackluster season. The kid is retarded. And since when would a 3 foot high wall save you from a nuke lol that bit was so stupid.

Lovin Eldrich Palmer though