Hair-raising Horror Recommendations For This Halloween

"Halloween is upon us, and you know what that means? The perfect time to rob a bank, after which you can snuggle up to your newly acquired cash on the sofa - by a roaring fireplace of course - then sit back and relax whilst the cops close in on you.

So with that being said, here are some Halloween Horror’s that Crash Landed wholly recommends, from recent offerings in both the film, television and gaming realm for you to enjoy over Hallows’ Eve."

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sypher687d ago

Do you guys have any recommendations of your own over Halloween then?

Porcelain_Chicken686d ago

I played No Man's Sky this Halloween. It's scary to think that game was released as is.... It's terrifying to think they thought it was a good idea. It's absolutely gut-wrenching to know I paid $60 for it ;_;

sypher686d ago

A true horror story my friend... I hope you can recover soon...


Porcelain_Chicken686d ago

Sadly it's too late for me. But heed this warning my friend. Stay away!! Be AFRAID!!!! Dx HAHHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH! -runs out the door-

In all seriousness though that game was horrible but I just hung out with friends. It was more funny than scary but we all decided to play scary games in VR. Every time someone got scared and yelled everyone would laugh! >_< Truly a great Halloween!