Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Brought the Gore and the Feels

Shelby: AMC’s Walking Dead season 6 finale left everyone guessing for months which one of our favorite characters would bite the bullet, er, bat, I guess. With the season 7 premiere last night, that question was finally answered. While the season premiere was a bit shaky, there are some new characters and dynamics introduced that will, hopefully, rejuvenate the show and break the story cycles of the last couple of seasons. Beware, there are spoilers below!

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alycakes695d ago

I myself was devastated with the deaths but especially one that really hit me by surprise. I was in tears off and on for the rest of the episode. It was heart breaking.

Aldous_Snow695d ago

Which got you more.. the 1st or 2nd death? The 1st one got me... He took it like a champ and his death line was was so him lol The 2nd was even more brutal but he has had it coming for a long time

alycakes695d ago

No the second one is the one that got me the most. He was always there doing everything for everyone. He always went to do all the dangerous stuff and always volunteered or got volunteered. He was ready to be a dad and I just loved the character so much.

The other one got me too. I really had gotten to like him and I didn't at first. I had figured out who it was going to be by something someone said once so I was a little prepared for it and it didn't hit as hard but it was brutal.

I think what was worse was watching Jeffrey Dean Morgan do such horrible things. I just wish it wasn't him playing this horrible person. I get really involved with characters and I'm going to like them or I'm going to really not like them but when I see them in something else I tend to hold that grudge from the other show.....dumb, I know.

Aldous_Snow695d ago

Negan makes The Guv'nor look like a pussycat lol I think he plays the role very well. Suprised they got away with how brutal it was. It was like something from a horror movie. Negan sure as hell made an impact.

I kinda laughed at Negans salami and flap line when he broke rick down into getting him hack off Carls arm. Doesn't Rick lose a hand in the comics? Maybe that was a nod to it.

Daryl will be imprisoned and tortured at The Sanctuary for most of the season I think. And I hope when Carol finds out what's transpired, she gets her badass mentality back and goes on the warpath.

dota2champion695d ago

I didn't expected two death this early. Daryl irrational behavior is what got glenn killed. Maybe Negan will have Daryl torture to tame him

alycakes695d ago

I don't think he's going to do that yet.....but he's got something in mind for him.

aDDicteD694d ago

It was a really good premiere. The expectations were high and yet it delivered. I like this scene better than the comics, they improved the scene a little bit. The two deaths were shocking specially the second one because the show tends to alter scenes from the comic book and I thought it will be just one death on the premiere. I also thought that rick will cut off carl or his hand, and that scene was also good, I like that they added those stuff.

Inzo694d ago

It started off well and surprised with the characters that got killed off but then I got really annoyed by how it got dragged out. Just get on with it.

yomfweeee694d ago

The whole show is like that, dragging on, you just now figured this out?

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