10 Screamingly Funny Horror Films (That Weren't Supposed To Be Comedies)


Brace yourselves, for this may come as a surprise, but movies like Amityville Dollhouse and Lake Placid Vs Anaconda were never meant to be any good at all. The best we could hope was for were a few unintentional laughs, but alas, the films were only slightly less dispiriting than watching a Presidential debate.

When journeymen filmmakers don’t care, the results are usually flat and lifeless, but when they approach the material with passion, their efforts can wind up in the cult film category. The most obvious example is Ed Wood, a painfully amateurish filmmaker who gave his all to Bride Of The Monster and Plan 9 From Outer Space. He just didn’t have much all.

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Yup, those of us with experience just see "what culture" and close the window because we know exactly what to expect.

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