Gotham Actors Weigh In On Penguin & Riddler's Relationship


Speaking at PaleyFest, Gotham stars Robin Lord Taylor and Cory Michael Smith offer their thoughts on the relationship between Penguin and Riddler.

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MilkMan637d ago

It's fuqing stupid. Its like there is a checklist in Hollywood now. "we gotta have gay relationships otherwise it won't float."
Star Trek
Indepence Day
Next, it will be Elementary. Sherlock decides to fuq a suspect, and the show will stop being about him solving crimes and instead is about his gay ways.
I hate all this crap; I hate having to have this discussion with my sons about why is there another man kissing another.
I've already had the birds and the bees talk and not I have to have birds, bees, and Steve.
Fuq political correctness, this sh!t is awful.

SarcasticDuck636d ago

yeah, besides the fact that Penguin should be a male chauvinist, not gay!

Yokan636d ago

I know exactly how you feel I have a son as well and despise the fact that Hollywood and other entertainment sources are doing this, whether that be gays our lesbians. The only reason why I don't like to talk against it is due to fact I get mauled by gay folks on the Internet but the reality is I don't dislike gay folks, I really don't care what they do, it's how they keep pushing it on us and our families, it's extremely stupid. My son has thankfully never been around a scene in film when to guys or gals are kissing but I could only imagine how it must made you feel the need to explain.

StarWarsFan636d ago

Please don't make them a couple. Please don't make them a couple. Not everyone needs to be gay.

UltraNova636d ago (Edited 636d ago )

Apparently, really yeah...they need to increase their ratings so what better way to do it than making the main bad guy gay? If they could make Bruce Wayne/Batman a girl the would. Maybe the next DC reboot will have Bats shit the can and be replaced by a female..who knows.

I predict a future where women and gay people will rule us all. And it aint that far away btw.

Mr Elon Musk if you are reading this, please take me to Mars with you.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against women not gay people. What I'm against is society's pressure to sensationalise and force their current fixations into anything popular. I hate this and I'll never accept it.

Nothing forced will ever work, look at Ghostbusters as na example.

636d ago