The Week's News - 10/10/2016

This week's edition of TVEnthusiast's The Week's News is jam packed with chewy goodness, thanks largely to New York Comic Con, which is also responsible for the delay in releasing this episode. New shows in development include The Purge, Blue Book, The Eight, Lore, Freaks Of the Heartland, an Unititled Israeli Drama, SAS: The Originals, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Elements, and Beyond. Archer and Sherlock might (or might not) have their endings in sight, but American Horror Story and Ash Vs Evil Dead have both gotten renewals. Tons of casting announcements have been made for The Terror, Krypton, Doctor Who, Damnation, Gypsy, Let the Right One In, 24: Legacy, iZombie, Making History, Succession, Legion, and The Punisher. The biggest casting news, however, is that Sigourney Weaver (Aliens) will be playing the antagonist in Marvel's The Defenders. Netflix's move to originals might have been perfectly timed. Hot on the heels of their CFO claiming they would double their content in the next few years, anonymous sources have reported that Netflix's total titles are half what they were in 2012. Lastly, The Tick's Creator Ben Edlund has dished a lot about his upcoming Amazon adaptation.

This Week's Question: New York Comic Con has ended, so what news, trailers, or experience from this years convention stood out to you?

The Week's News is TVEnthusiast's weekly roundup of the news that affects the shows you love.

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