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First Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Trailer

Disney revealed the first Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales trailer tonight during the Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 finale on AMC.

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dauntingpixel623d ago

i think this looks great. that bad guy looks incredible.

Aldous_Snow623d ago

Yawn... Franchise should have died many moons ago

dauntingpixel623d ago

i think it was the last one that i didn't like very much but i still enjoy the series.

alycakes622d ago

You're right. I loved them all til the last one. I think it was Penelope Cruz that just didn't seem to fit in because I did like the story about the mermaids and all. I'm looking forward to this one because I think it's Will Turner's son that's suppose to be in this one....isn't it?

Porcelain_Chicken623d ago

OH shoot! Javier Bardem! Well that was a pleasant surprise. Color me intrigued!

dota2champion622d ago

I hope they bring ship battles back. The last pirate film was a disappointment to me because there was no ship battle.

NotEvenMyFinalForm622d ago

I wish they made another of these movies as good as the first 2 but at this point they don't even care, they are just milking the franchise till is dry.

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