What Would George Lucas' Star Wars: Episode VII Have Looked Like?


Before George Lucas sold Lucasfilm off to Disney he had plans in place to create his own version of Episode VII. Obviously that never happened, but hit the jump to check out what might have been.

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Soldierone808d ago

He probably would have brought back Jar Jar just to annoy fans.

dauntingpixel808d ago

i dunno. i kinda doubt it. i think he might have wanted to go fairly dark with a new series.

NewMonday807d ago

didn't appreciate George Lucas until the bland Ep7

his plots are childish but the vision for the world was a spectical always that gave life to the universe.

Ep7 was desert planet, forest planet, Ice planet

the only WOW moment in Ep7 was the star destroyer wreckage

coolbeans807d ago

Riiiiiight. You mean the Jar Jar who's role got continuously smaller and smaller after each successive prequel?

Soldierone807d ago

I wasn't expecting so much hate, I was just being sarcastic lol

rawshack807d ago

I think it was good he sold it .star wars is a really big universe this 100s of story's to be told .we wouldn't have to wait long for new films

TXIDarkAvenger807d ago

It would look like episode IV because that's what episode VII is.