LR | 'Kickboxer: Vengeance' Review

If the superheroes can have remakes and reboots, why can’t the martial artists? Jean-Claude Van Damme, starring in the reinvention of one of the franchises that put him on the map in the 1980s, is here to tell you that they can. 

In Kickboxer: Vengeance, he’s now aged into the role of the sage mentor who helps the hero, Kurt Sloane (Alain Moussi), in his quest for revenge against cruel martial arts champion Tong Po. The villain is played with demonic gusto by real life wrestler, as well as actor, Dave Bautista. If the movie’s battle scenes are infused with a scene of realism to go along the mostly uneven narrative it’s because they are—Bautista is a wrestling and fighting expert, and he’s opposed by professional stuntman Moussi.

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