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FGE - Mad Max messes with Mexicans. That’s right, Mel Gibson is back and better than ever in this latest heart pounding action flick. Blood Father follows the turbulent tale of John Link (Mel Gibson) an ex-con and alcoholic who reconnects with his estranged daughter. This is a role that Mel has played before in 2009 but this time around it’s more bad ass and less anti-Semitic. All joking aside the two incidents do connect nicely as (Mel) John Link is also trying to forget about his troublesome past to be a better person for the ones he loves. Blood father is an adaption of a novel by the same name written by Peter Craig and is directed by Jean-François Richet . Before we go into the story, I would just like to point out if you are a fan of Mel Gibson’s earlier works, this film is a true to form rendition from an exceptional actor.

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