Opinion On New Blair Witch Movie (The Woods)

As you have all probably heard now the horror movie The woods, was actually a secret name to hide the fact that a new Blair Witch movie was in the making. The Producers revealed the truth behind the story at comic-con in July. I’m not going to lie my first impression was urrrg here we …

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2pacalypsenow690d ago

Its gonna flop like Book Of shadows

Bitz690d ago

I think this one may be ok hopefully. The 1st was terrible so hopefully they can redeem themselves :)

1nsomniac689d ago

The first film was awesome. Completly based on phycological horror & suspense. Not like the horrible, cheesy American crap that has flooded the horror genre for the last decade. The state of the current horror genre is on its last legs because of that crap & is really struggling to get back out. So I hope this doesn't go down that route.