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LV Weekly: One of the most famous and bizarre bouts in boxing history took place between Roberto Durán and Sugar Ray Leonard on November 25, 1980. Held just five months after Durán had beaten the previously undefeated Leonard to become welterweight champion, the rematch was highly publicized, but what made it unique was the way that it ended: not with a knockout or a bell ringing, but with Durán unexpectedly deciding, at the end of Round 8, that he didn’t want to fight anymore. He simply quit, handing the title back to Leonard. So unprecedented was this out-of-nowhere forfeit that ESPN devoted an entire 30 for 30 episode to it, entitled No Más (2013). You’d think, then, that a biopic about Durán would seek to create a credible psychological portrait of the man who made that decision. Instead, Hands of Stone is just a run-of-the-mill boxing flick, with Robert De Niro, as Durán’s trainer, making the strongest impression.

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