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We Are Movie Geeks: As the Summer starts to fade, the multiplex looks again to sports films, those (like the “sport” of movie viewing) which are set indoors, away from the harsh cold winds. We’re not talking hockey or basketball, but rather the “mano y mano” battle that seems almost tailor-made for movies, boxing. Of course, there are many times when the boxing flick has been mixed with other genres. Just last year we had a boxing/ family tear-jerker with SOUTHPAW and a boxing/ fantasy/ franchise-reboot CREED (it squeezed a few tears from audiences, too). This time out (perhaps to be an early Oscar contender), we’re seeing a pugilistic biography, a mix that goes back to the dawn of cinema. The 1940’s had GENTLEMAN JIM, and the 50’s had Paul Newman as Rocky Marciano in SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME. The greatest true-life boxing biopic may be 1980’s RAGING BULL with an Oscar-winning turn by Robert DeNiro. The last big hit of this genre mix might be 2001’s ALI with Will Smith as the much missed “greatest”. Now, comes the story of a still living legend of the ring, not a USA home-grown hero, but an icon from “south of the border”, Roberto Duran, a fighter perhaps best known for his HANDS OF STONE.

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