Hands of Stone Review - AVClub

AVClub: Hands Of Stone, a biopic about the Panamanian prizefighter Roberto Durán, can’t decide whether it wants to be a portrait of the athlete as an independent hero of his times (like Ali), a character study about machismo (like Raging Bull), or just an underdog sports movie. It ends up being a little bit of everything—which is to say, not much of anything at all. Durán (Edgar Ramírez, good as always) is portrayed through a handful of big fights that happened over the course of a decade and change, including his two famous bouts with Sugar Ray Leonard (a well-cast Usher Raymond), but though writer-director Jonathan Jakubowicz’s choice to portray boxing as a mostly mental sport—the art of psyching out an opponent without tripping yourself up—gives it some novelty, the movie is left grasping for a through-line.

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