Joblo | 'Hands of Stone' Review


The main problem, I think, is that Jakubowicz simply tries to fit everything he can into a packed 105 minute run time, and he should have allowed some of the material to fall by the wayside in order to focus on the more important moments. We don't really need to see Duran as a young misfit in Panama, learning how to box on the streets, nor do we need the many political subplots that intrude on the film occasionally, fighting for our attention. No doubt this stuff was important to Duran the person, but the film often feels like it's trying to cram every last significant moment and player in Duran's life in front of our eyes. These things end up overshadowing the more interesting stuff in the film, like Duran's rivalry with Sugar Ray Leonard or his friendship with his trainer, Ray Arcel.

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