"Kidnap" Movie Trailer

Release Date: Thursday October 6th, 2016 Run Time: Unknown Executive producers: Luis Prieto Description Starring Halle Berry as the main character named Karla, lives what she considers a perfect life with her son named Frankie. They frequent the city’s park where Frankie likes to spend his time. However, a happy and fulfilling life comes to an abrupt halt when their morning takes a dark turn.

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NotEvenMyFinalForm637d ago (Edited 637d ago )

Hard to believe this woman is 50 years old. She looks like she's on her early 30's.

The trailer looks pretty good BTW, although that feels like it was the whole movie and for some reason I had flashbacks of Taken.

movieguru83637d ago

It's been compared to Taken. Halle Berry is the female Liam Neeson! Lol