War Dogs Review - The Hindu

The Hindu: War Dogs reminded me of quite a few films that were far more successful at doing what it tries to do. It begins by showing a gun pointed at one of the protagonists, David Packouz (Miles Teller), who coolly takes on narrating responsibilities and makes a comment to us about the gun’s making. “It’s a Jericho 941RS, and it costs $300.” I almost expected him to continue, “I know this because Tyler knows this.” More parallels with Fight Club emerge when you learn that the narrator is as fragile and easily influenced as the one in the Fincher film; he too needs to be ‘rescued’ by an alpha male, Efraim Diveroli (the hilarious Jonah Hill), who, at the first sign of trouble, doesn’t mind shooting his AK47 into the sky. He is every bit as manipulative and power-hungry as Tyler, and even his laugh is as deranged.

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