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War Dogs Second Opinion Review - The Guardian

The Guardian: As portrayed by Jonah Hill in Todd Phillips’ dark arms-dealing comedy War Dogs, Diveroli is a massive force of nature – a living version of the giant boulder that tries to kill Indiana Jones, but wearing a chai necklace. Enormous in size, yet with a cherub’s face, Diveroli will smash through any obstacle to get his way. As a bootstrapping businessman, getting his way frequently means a charm offensive. It is to Hill’s amazing credit (and, since this is “based on a true story,” probably to Diveroli’s as well) that watching this loathsome person is so addictive. There could be no worse human being than one who doesn’t blink for an instant at the idea of profiting off someone else’s horror. Yet these people exist and I can’t imagine there being a better evocation of such a creature than Hill’s in this film.

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