Morris From America Review - AVClub

AVClub: “A unique perspective.” That’s how single dad Curtis (Craig Robinson) spins the tough move he’s put his 13-year-old son through. As fatherly silver linings go, it’s right up there with “builds character.” Curtis, you see, hasn’t just dragged Morris (newcomer Markees Christmas) across the country. He’s relocated his boy from the Bronx all the way to Heidelberg, Germany, where he’s accepted a position coaching soccer. Morris, who aspires to hip-hop superstardom, is a shy black kid in an overwhelmingly white city. He can take solace only in the promise of autobiographical pay dirt—that special something to distinguish his life experiences from those of his fellow budding MCs. Morris From America reaps the same benefit. How many coming-of-age stories, after all, focus on an African-American expat in a European city?

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