The Night Of "Samson And Delilah" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Tonight’s “Samson And Delilah” ends with a perfect reversal of last week’s conclusion. The previous episode found Stone going down a literal blind alley in pursuit of Duane Reade, the man who really probably is the likeliest suspect in all this. (The man’s weapon of choice is a big knife! Come on!) The crime TV genre has taught us to treat characters like Reade as the boogeyman, the elusive real killer who manages to evade justice until the very last episode. But that’s not what Reade was to Stone, who doesn’t give a crap about justice or the real killer. All he cares about, all he is paid a very decent sum to care about, is reasonable doubt, and Duane Reade represented reasonable doubt. But Reade was always an imperfect candidate for that: His connection with Andrea was murky at best, and he is far too scary an individual for someone to bring in without the help of the police, and it’s pretty obvious the police have no interest in finding alternative suspects. Reade isn’t the boogeyman, because The Night Of isn’t that kind of show, but he did represent the ghost of reasonable doubt, and the look on Stone’s face when he sees Andrea’s stepfather working with his latest older woman client at the gym says it all: At long last, he’s found a way out. He’s found someone onto whom he and Chandra can pile enough suspicion that maybe, just maybe, Naz will beat the rap.

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