Fear The Walking Dead "Grotesque" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Despite his somewhat inauspicious introduction in the series premiere, Nick Clark has been presented as the character to bet on in this post-walker-outbreak world. The six or so years he spent living on the streets scoring drugs made him uniquely suited to scavenging, as we’ve all previously noted. He may not have Strand’s resources, but he is resourceful. Nick’s not as disciplined as his sister Alicia, who was headed to Berkeley before everything went to hell (and whose industriousness seems to be the result of compensating for his behavior). But he’s had no trouble adapting to having less in this new life. Nick’s addiction issues have placed him in danger, as he traded a heroin high for the adrenaline rush of walking among the dead after the group made it to Rosarito and Sigourney Evil’s (Celia) clutches. But, as the back half of season two (or season 2B) kicks off, we learn that even that buzz is starting to wear off.

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