Ben Affleck Wanting his Fingers in a lot of pies

Kenneth Branagh is already at work on a new version of murder on the orient express.  Now Ben Affleck wants to muscle in on the Agatha Christie remake action, making a deal with 20th Century Fox for an update of Witness for the Prosecution.  Even though he has his extremely busy Batman schedule, He is making …

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Retroman668d ago

Hollywood repeating movies again. good Lord Jesus. they been doing that since 1912 repeating movies.
Solomon was right in his quote ; "There is nothing new under the sun" "all things repeat it's self in every generation"

so true.

seen Murder on Oriental Express on youtube before with Lauren Bacall,Ingrid Bergman,Sean Connery 1974 film
here it is 2016 repeat. also in talk reboot "Logan run" as i said Hollywood just repeat old movies so New generation think it is new but in reality it is old hash repeated.

stalepie668d ago

he should remake Citizen Kane