Jumanji: Dwayne Johnson Calls It A Sequel, Not Reboot

Ever since it was announced, moviegoers have used the word "reboot" to describe the upcoming Jumanji movie with Kevin heart and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock).

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-Foxtrot670d ago

Call it whatever they want but it has Nick Jonas in it along with Kevin Hart..already off putting.

Aldous_Snow670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

You're right but Doowayne is enough for me not to bother with it

MasterD919670d ago

Can't touch the original either way. Robin Williams made that movie.

annoyedgamer670d ago

I am beginning to get tired of Dwayne. He is wearing out his welcome and attaching himself to to many projects that do not suit him. He was great in F&F and Faster but this stuff needs to be left alone.

HallowedSoul1670d ago

I heard the rock was also playing ace in an ace Ventura reboot lol jk

annoyedgamer669d ago

lol don't give them ideas.