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MTV | 'War Dogs' Review


War Dogs is as close to the truth as a sniper who nicks his target's toe. In photos, the actual Diveroli appears to have been a gym rat. Perhaps he's embarrassed that director Todd Phillips's (The Hangover) biopic reimagines him as a guy who can't get laid without paying. Or perhaps, as the film argues, he has no emotions at all, only needs: the need to make as much money as possible, the need to look tough, the need to be a 21st-century Scarface — a dream Phillips triple-underscores by having Efraim incessantly quote the movie, hang a still of Al Pacino's character blasting a gun on his office wall, and, finally, mimic him with his own AK-47 in less-than-glamorous Albania. (And in case we don't get it, Phillips captures the pose in slow-motion, twice.)

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