Tom Cruise Salary Halts Mission: Impossible 6 Production

Hollywood reporter announced that production of Mission: Impossible 6 has shut down due to a dispute over salary between Tom Cruise and Paramount Pictures.

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MagicBeanz673d ago

Maybe Xenu could kick a few bucks in to get it done.

Deadpoolio673d ago

He probably needs the cash to give to Xenu....Maybe Xenu told him he was going to break his legs if he didn't get out there and get him his money

TimeSkipLuffy673d ago

Just sign another actor to do his job. There are plenty great actors out there...

dota2champion673d ago

Tom cruise made mission impossible for what it is. if he's not starring in it, I ain't watching it

DillyDilly673d ago

Tom Cruise is Mission Impossible they tried getting Hawkeye to replace him at one point but Tom Cruise is Mission Impossible might as well rename the series if its not Tom Cruise in them

EazyC672d ago

Wasn't that the Bourne movies, with Matt Damon. If not, damn, Jeremy Rnner really keeps that subs-bench warm when it comes to casting!

DillyDilly673d ago

No Tom Cruise no Mission Impossible Paramount pay the man

KwietStorm672d ago

We all know he's gonna get paid in the end, just like every other overpaid actor in Hollywood.

Mrveryodd672d ago (Edited 672d ago )

i hear this man is selling everything he owns ..... most likely moving off planet with his space buddies as the shit is about to get very strange indeed...... lol

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