Five Women Who Could Replace Eva Marie in Summer Slam Match

Carl Williams writes, "Recently Eva Marie was put on a 30 suspension for failing the wellness policy that the WWE has in place. The problem with her suspension is that she was already billed as a participant in a six women tag team match this Sunday at Summer Slam. Since it is unlikely that the WWE would turn this into a normal tag team match by removing one of the competitors from the other team. There is an option still available, one that WWE probably planned anyhow, as in they knew prior to promoting the match that Eva Marie was out. They can bring in a surprise participant. Here are six women that could take Eva Marie’s place in the match."

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SarcasticDuck667d ago

so basically this was throwing random names at it? AJ lee or Maryse? not gonna happen. Asuka? she's not a heel and she doesnt deserve to debut on a pre-show quality match! Charlotte? why and do you want her on two matches in the same night? Nikki Bella is the most reasonable

triverse667d ago

Not throwing random names actually. These are, to me, the most likely choices for the partner replacement. Maryse is available and could easily step in the ring under the reasoning mentioned in the article.

I did mention that AJ Lee is a long shot in the article. Is she likely to come back? Probably not, that is why she was a long shot.

I agree, Nikki Bella is the most likely to return but it would not be near as fun to just talk about her.

GrimDragon666d ago

Just curious does anyone know exactly what she did?

triverse666d ago

I have heard her failure was attributed to not turning in paperwork from an outside physician. Can't confirm it so I have not run with it.