Spider-Man Casting Controversy Addressed by James Gunn


The Spider-Man casting reveal caused quite a lot of discussion by fans who either supported the choice or were very much against it.

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1Victor667d ago

Personally I don't mind her been black as long as it goes with the character to me she is a secondary supporting character but it's when you mess with the story of a main character (Johnny Storm) and his story that I hate. Although with the spider verse it was shown that even animals and machines can be spider man

SarcasticDuck667d ago

b#llsh*t! Racism has nothing to do with it and pushing to that side is just being an a-hole! The character is known to be a white, redhead girl, not a black brunette. It's the same as changing Spiderman's outfit to green and brown since "that isn't the main aspect of the character"! btw, if Batfleck doenst get a pink outfit on the solo movie, i give up living!

gangsta_red667d ago

What impact would MJ being any color besides white have on Peter Parker being Spider-man?

A lot of people are looking really foolish with their "concern" over a characters color swap.

FamilyGuy667d ago

"that isn't the main aspect of the character"
Well, that ISN'T the main aspect of the character.
Who cares? Batman is "The Dark Knight", his outfit could be any form of "dark" in color. He creeps around at night and needs to blend in. Mary Jane could be any pretty, intelligent girl.

-Foxtrot667d ago


Is he really trying to make it out like people who are voicing their opinions on this are racist?

F*** Off James

He clearly dosen't get it and being a Marvel director it's obvious his opinion on this was going to defend them

Germany7667d ago

I would like Jaden Smith as Spider-Man, he is so talented.

just-joe667d ago (Edited 667d ago )

Well no, seeing as he said that why some comments were racist, overall people were positive while the ones that thought the character should look like what she looks like in the comics were thoughtful.

Shinkus667d ago

Make black panther white and see how those SAME people complaining react. It's not a racist thing, it's a following through the story thing. Marvel can try to diversify this universe all they want and people will still complain, because messing with pre existing characters instead of new ones is a crap idea.

gangsta_red667d ago (Edited 667d ago )

Black Panther's origin, powers and basically every bit of his well being stems from him being an African prince from an African Africa.

MJ is known for being Spider-Man's love interest and being hot...does it really matter what color or race she is?

If MJ was some defender of red headed women's right who's story involved her being from Ireland and deserting the IRA then I could see your point.

Shinkus667d ago

Yeah and Johnny storm was Susan storms biological brother and they altered his story to the point they had no relation. The same situation works for any black hero. Luke cage, spawn, etc.

FamilyGuy667d ago

Exactly, these people are morons and their comparison complaints are idiotic.

A better example who be if they made Cyborg from Teen Titans etc into a white or Hispanic character.
It wouldn't effect his character one bit.

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