Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Suspended for Failing Wellness Policy

Carl Williams writes, "Recently there have been a rash of failed wellness policy events in the WWE. This is getting a little disconcerting as one of these competitors was scheduled to make her in ring debut after the brand split at Summer Slam this weekend. Right now though, this article is about a two time World Heavyweight Champion who also held the WWE Championship twice has also failed this wellness test."

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lodossrage674d ago

They act like they want to get rid of Alberto Del Rio anyway. Not to mention he's been unhappy ever since he came back.

Plus the wellness policy is a load of S**T. They test who they want to test and catch who they want to catch. I won't even go into the plethora of stories.

I just don't understand how the government let them get away with two things.

1- That farce of a wellness policy.


2- Making people be Independent contractors yet treating them like employees.

MyDietEqualsGames673d ago

I don't watch this crap any more, but I read that they gave Brock Lesnar a freaking pass. A Pass! After failing. Can you believe that? Double standards, man.

triverse672d ago

Brock didn't fail a WWE sanctioned wellness test/drug test. He failed it with the UFC. Where he got a pass though, is the WWE knowing he would fail but not testing him anyhow. Their wellness policy is a joke for many reasons.

triverse672d ago

I have to agree with both points and your comment in general. There is no way these tests are "random" and those that get tested seem to be chosen at key points in the storyline.

It is also dubious how they are allowed to operate treating independent contractors like employees. I mean, I guess they could put restrictions in the contracts that limit certain things and this could explain why some people get a pass on drug testing.