Are Theater Audiences Finally Getting Sick of Sequels?

From Cinelinx:

Is (lack of) audience turnout at theaters this summer an indication that people have become fed up with the massive amount of sequels pouring out of Hollywood? We compare box office results and popular trends regarding some of this year’s biggest films to find out what could be happening.

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darklordzor644d ago

Tough to say. I think audiences in general are becoming more discerning than they once were and aren't flocking to theaters simply because a franchise name is put in the title. The movie sequels that were actually GOOD this year have done well in the Box Office.

Soldierone644d ago

I think people are just tired of cookie cutter templates. Every movie follows the same formula, same twists, same ideas. When one steps outside of the box is when we read of box office records being broken.

gsperno644d ago

Yes, to some degree, but it's not really black and white. Movies like Jurassic World, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jungle Book, Cinderella, Age of Ultron, aren't exactly giving audiences anything new, yet they have seen huge returns at the box office. On the other hand, movies that do mix it up (Neon Demon, The Lobster, Swiss Army Man) are stuck in limited release. If people truly wanted a different movie experience, they're not putting their money where their mouth is.

Bogan644d ago

I didn't mind Jurassic World it was pretty well done to get a new audience and give the old school folks enough references back to the original movies.

However for me Star Wars The Force Awakens was such a predictable bore fest I actually almost fell out of my chair when nodding off and observing some younger kids who never seen the originals enjoying it and then their was the older viewers rolling their eyes before glazing over from extreme boredom.

Soldierone641d ago

But look at it in the big picture.

Jurassic World isn't anything "new" but when is the last time we have had a dinosaur movie? Or anything related to that? Maybe a few smaller budget flicks, but that's it. So a dinosaur movie sounded awesome and people went because it wasn't like the superhero movies sitting next to it. It was also entertaining and fun to watch.

Star Wars is star wars, it's going to be big no matter what because of how much effort is going into them, so that's a hard one. But jumping back to Jungle Book, it was different, animal movies again. Then Tarzan follows and also does big. We hadn't had those movies in a while, it was "new" to us. Cinderella was the first live action princess movie (from Disney at least), it was "new" to us. These all had a level of "perfection" that other summer blockbusters didn't have. They followed "formula" but they sprinkled some magic on it to make it special.

Avengers is something people have been waiting for for a long time thanks to superb marketing by Marvel, and they know how to push their franchises. But the big thing with Marvel is that we are getting new heroes, new cameos, etc... If we just had Spider-Man for 20 years he'd start to decline, and he did, people got tired of it.

It's about being creative, and being good. I mean an action flick can be "new" but still be cookie cutter, and it's really apparent to audiences now. That's when they start nitpicking "oh thats not believable at all" or "that's been done before...." If you can't get hearts racing like the first film, then you shouldn't be making the sequel.

A good example is actually the show Stranger Things. It had all been done before in every way, but they perfected it. They had proper pacing, proper set design, etc..

StarWarsFan644d ago

They've been saying audiences are sick of sequels for years. Sequels are still good performers, but there is a segment of the market that wants some fresh titles too. I think the summer box-office does need to be a little more diversified with fresher properties. For how long is a comic book movie going to be the highlight.

annoyedgamer643d ago

Rather they are tired of garbage.

masterfox643d ago

No we aren't we are getting sick of bad sequels, also that pic of the new star wars characters thats a prequel movie, and thats also another matter that I'm also getting sick of prequels, when doing a prequel is just the easy way to go for a producer instead of doing something new cause the main characters are already establish and they are only adding side dishes to main plate, just look how everyone go ape nuts cause Darth Vader show up a bit at the end of the trailer.

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