The Playlist Review: 'War Dogs'

The Playlist:
While there are probably not enough movies to call it a trend just yet, recent American cinema has portrayed real life fraud, duplicity and malfeasance with a certain pop culture pizazz. Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf Of Wall Street” was practically celebratory of Jordan Belfort’s well-heeled, hedonistic, and wholly illegal romp through the financial world. Then there’s Adam McKay’s “The Big Short,” that presented the 2008 housing market bubble like a music video crossed with an informercial. And now there’s Todd Phillips‘ “War Dogs,” which tells the true story of a couple of ambitious young men who worked in the grey area of arms dealing, and made millions. It might not be as frenetic as those aforementioned pictures, but it’s mostly just as entertaining, even if lacking in moral bite.

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