Mahershala Ali Quit 'House of Cards' and Became Marvel’s New Villain


Talking to the foil of Luke Cage about breaking into the biz, being black in Hollywood, and creating mixtapes for each of his roles.

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ZombieGamerMan645d ago

he's got a big up hill battle with the likes of Vincet D'Nafrio and David Tennant killing it in their shows

Xb1ps4645d ago

I was going to read... until the "being black in hollywood" came up...

2pacalypsenow645d ago

Yeah these poor millionaire black actors have it so bad.

Xb1ps4645d ago

You know....

I guess the only minorities that struggle out here are blacks.

And I didn't even want to go there.. everyone wants to get rid of racism but always have to pull out the black card in situations that are not needed..