TVEnthusiast's Spotlight: You're the Worst

Created by Weeds and Orange is the New Black Writer Stephen Falk, You’re the Worst is an American dramatic comedy series which began on FX before moving to sister network FXX. Though initially receiving only moderate buzz and attention, You’re the Worst became a critical darling in its second season, when it began to tackle heavier issues, while still retaining its comedic edge. In tone, I would describe the show as falling somewhere between How I Met Your Mother, and Louis CK’s avant garde and autobiographical comedy series Louie. Like How I Met Your Mother, You’re the Worst is centered around the development of a relationship. Like Louie, You’re the Worst is a comedy series that is often times more serious than it is funny. You're the Worst is a relationship comedy with heart, about 2 people who don't seem to have them (hearts, that is).

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