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8 Characters We Want To See In A Suicide Squad Sequel

"Let’s take it for granted that a follow-up is on the way. As is the wont of superhero sequels, Task Force X would no doubt be expanded in a second outing, which leads us to ask the question of which characters we’d like to see fill out the team’s ranks.

And so, on that note, here are eight DC villains who we’d love to see appear in Suicide Squad 2."

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aDDicteD697d ago

They really need to add deathstroke in the next film.

FreddyFazbear697d ago

No thanks. Its useless to add another sequel to this movie. This is just somehow a spinoff to the DC universe. We want to see superman, batman, wonderwoman, green lantern flash etc and the Whole justice league. not Villains. Its a fresh idea but no. if they add another movie then it will just move the other movie projects further away. Heck even the animated Batman assualt on arkham is still a batman animated movie which just gave spotlight to the squad. If they want to go toe to toe with marvel on the movie business, better steer clear of another suicide squad movie. thats my opinion. its unnecessary.

WongAidan697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

....No, don't agree with anything you said!

FreddyFazbear697d ago

Whatever dude JLA>Suicide squad. Heck Batman>Suicide squad enough said.