Why David Cronenberg's The Fly Still Has Us Buzzing

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The Fly arguably remains David Cronenberg’s masterpiece, 30 years to the day (August 15) after its release. Loosely based on a 1957 short story by French writer George Langelaan, the movie transcends the story’s pulpy origins and the well-known images of a man with a fly’s head (and vice versa) from the 1958 film version starring Vincent Price to become a somber meditation on disease and aging and a tragic love story, not to mention one of the most effective horror/sci-fi films of its time. It also marked a summation and endpoint to the first phase of Cronenberg’s career, while investing his work with a new emotional maturity and thematic resonance.

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HRoach616672d ago

I love this movie. But I'm biased as I work for the man who trained the baboon for this show lol

dolfa672d ago

The first one was really good, the other were just a money grab.