Kevin Bacon Interested in Frying Up Freddy Krueger

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There’s not a single Nightmare on Elm Street fan that I know of who was thrilled with the way Samuel Bayer’s 2010 take on the Wes Craven classic turned out. At the end of the day, despite having a craft services budget that was the size of the entire franchise’s budget as a whole, it just lacked imagination. It was lazy, and Freddy – despite the best efforts of Jackie Earle Haley – just wasn’t scary.

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Aldous_Snow671d ago

The remake was utter shite in every way imaginable. Even the makeup was falling off his face in one scene.

I love Kevin Bacon, but if he cant do the voice and prance around like Robert Englund, then don't bother. Just do another with Rob as Freddy.

dauntingpixel671d ago

i met him about a year ago and he's the nicest guy ever. i asked if he'd ever do it and he said he would but there were no plans to include him in the in development reboot that he was aware of