Ace Ventura To Be Remade- State of Liberation

In 1994, most of us remember laughing our socks off at the hilarious movie, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Jim Carrey was definitely the man for the job.

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Soldierone579d ago

No. No. No. No....... No.
Is Hollywood seriously this dry? Leave the classics alone! They already took a hit by making the second one as is.....

Deadpoolio579d ago

There is literally nothing classic about Ace Ventura unless you have an I.Q of .05.....People really need to stop classifying every damn movie as a classic....

ChrisW578d ago

One man's garbage is another man's treasure. I'm certain you have a "classic" that you absolutely love that many think is horrible. So... There's your opinion thrown back at you!

HRoach616578d ago

9/10 people would probably disagree with you. Your opinion is valid but it's just your opinion. The masses love ace Ventura. It's the starting point of Jim carrey's amazing career. This movie should def not be remade. That's my opinion

Soldierone578d ago

So they are remaking it for absolutely no reason then?

SniperControl578d ago

I suppose Melissa Mccarthy is lined up to play Ace Ventura then...........

-Foxtrot579d ago (Edited 579d ago )


NO.....WE NEED ACE VENTURA 3...the true sequel

freshslicepizza579d ago

agreed. not sure what they are thinking by tinkering around with the original.

NotEvenMyFinalForm578d ago

What is even the point in remaking a movie like Ace Ventura? This is a movie that doesn't stands on its own, this movie was good because of Jim Carey and without him is pointless. Just do a new original comedy but then that would require work and creativity.

level 360578d ago

Lay it to rest. No one can replace or portray the role as how Jim Carrey at his peak has done it. No one.

blackblades578d ago

Speak of Jim haven't seen him in a long time.

578d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.