Sausage Party Review - Comic Book

CB: Sausage Party transports us into a new reality where the items in our grocery superstores are actually alive, living in their respective aisles as separate cultures and faiths - yet all with the same hope: that they will be chosen by the gods (humans) to be taken to "the great beyond" outside the store. In this routine existence we meet Frank (Seth Rogen), a sausage who is hoping for one thing: to go to the great beyond with the one bun he loves, Brenda (Kristen Wiig). With "Red, White and Blue Day" (July 4th) approaching, Frank and Brenda see their hopes realized when they are selected by one of the gods to go to the great beyond. However, their journey is quickly spoilerd by a jar of honey mustard (Danny McBride) that got returned to the store, bringing a prophecy of doom: The Great Beyond is not a paradise at all - it's a hell where food products are brutally murdered and consumed by the gods, in order to give them strength.

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