Kubo And The Two Strings Review - The Mary Sue

TMS: Animators at Laika have had quite a remarkable run over the course of the last ten years, as Coraline visually stunned, ParaNorman dug deep into emotional poignancy, and The Boxtrolls demonstrated their wackier sensibilities. Kubo and the Two Strings takes a shot at combining the positive traits of all three, with the visual virtuosity of the studio’s first, the heavy heart of its second and humor of the third culminating into what is simply Laika’s most enjoyable film to date. It doesn’t break any barriers that they haven’t already cleared in the past, but their ambition is strongly on display, and the strong animation coupled with a straightforward and focused story that is equally as mystical as it is evocative makes Kubo another home run for a remarkably consistent studio.

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