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"Sausage Party is overall a good laugh and is fun to watch. However things towards the end kind of drag on way too long and some of the jokes feel a little repeated. The voice acting is nicely done and there’s a lot in there for people who love the Seth Rogen films and the group of actors that accompany him in them regularly. In my view the film is okay, but not necessarily something I would say to run out and see as soon as you can, there are those who’ll love Sausage Party and all it offers, but I do think there’s also a lot who won’t at all." -Bryan Weatherall (Resident Entertainment)

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GT67552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

"people who love the Seth Rogen films"

After he screwed up Green Hornet movie no thanks.
i'll wait til it hit Youtube as most movies do these days.

KingPin552d ago

still holding a grudge from

GT67552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

what you mean a Grudge??? that movie was Horrible.

Bismarn552d ago

"people who love the Seth Rogen films" is the "people who love the Adam Sandler films" of today.

MagicBeanz552d ago

Since when can you watch full length movies on youtube?

FlyingFoxy552d ago

anything rated 7+ is a good score, but you can't trust scores because they are all different opinions anyway, and with mass voting sites like IMDB you get trolls which alter the overall ratings.

Yea stating the obvious a bit here but oh well.