A Significant Character on The CW's DC Shows Will Come Out as Gay This Year

CB: During The CW's presentation today at the Television Critics Association, network head Mark Pedowitz revealed that in addition to launching a new CW Seed animated series featuring the first gay superhero lead from a mainstream network, a "significant" character on one of The CW's live-action superhero shows would also come out as gay this season.

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Aldous_Snow676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

It's Arrow. He's gayer than a handbag full of rainbows 😘

Dasteru675d ago (Edited 675d ago )

Even though he was the worlds biggest playboy prior to becoming the arrow, and banged basically every woman he ever met...

It isn't Arrow, Flash, Supergirl or Atom. Maybe Wally West?

674d ago
dauntingpixel676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

they're just making characters gay for the sake of it now

AnubisG674d ago

Todays SJW culture demands it.

Enigma_2099674d ago

I really hate admitting that you might be right, but...

-Foxtrot676d ago

Forced diversity great...making it into a marketing tool for hype

Porcelain_Chicken676d ago

Wait what?!? So making a gay character is "forced diversity"... That's kinda f--ked up. No? Channing a straight character and making him gay is one thing but nowhere is that implied here. Or maybe I'm missing something...

-Foxtrot676d ago (Edited 675d ago )

Yeah it is forced if the the character is not gay

There's no one that honestly comes to mind within the shows unless it's a new character made up for the show then that's fine

Knowing that Colton Haynes is gay now it's probably going to be Roy...thus proving my point above. He's not gay in the comics so he shouldn't be gay here.

Becuzisaid674d ago

If they have to make a big announcement that an existing character is coming out as gay, then yes it is clearly being used a marketing tool.

Porcelain_Chicken675d ago

Wait Colton is gay?! Oh schit. Had no idea! xD Well if it's Roy then I agree but I doubt they'll just randomly make him gay. I haven't even started season 4 but he was always chasing after Thea. If he suddenly became gay for the LOLZ then that would be pretty stupid. I'm sure it's someone else. Much lesser known.

NotEvenMyFinalForm674d ago

Not surprising at all if you ever googled him or looked at videos of him on youtube. The guy has incredible fashion sense, his behavior when not in character was always very feminine and not to mention his modeling photos... He's 100% gay.

StarWarsFan675d ago

Pointless. Just to say they're doing something.

Soldierone675d ago

If it fits the story correctly then whatever, cool I guess. However if they randomly go "oh mr playboy Arrow has randomly been gay this whole time!" I'll be ticked off.

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The story is too old to be commented.