Triumph's Election Special 2016 Review - AVClub

AVClub: Robert Smigel’s had his hand up inside Triumph The Insult Comic Dog for nearly 20 years now. Sure, one irate t-shirt seller at the Republican National Convention smacks the puppet’s head clean off partway through Triumph’s 2016 Summer Election Special, but Smigel just flaps his naked hand to pursue his line of questioning, indicating just how committed Smigel has become to his canine alter-ego (and how cheap that puppet is). Smigel’s a highly respected comedy writer, producer, and character actor, but jamming his hand inside that Montenegrin Mountain Hound puppet clearly frees him up to channel both his schticky and satirical sides in a way that’s uniquely rewarding. To him, and to the rest of us wondering how to process this most contentious and increasingly ridiculous election season.

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