Why The CW Is Reviving Jim Caviezel's Frequency as a TV Show


The CW is bringing back a familiar tale with the network's upcoming sci-fi series Frequency. Based on the 2000 film starring Jim Caviezel and Dennis Quaid, the show stars Peyton List as a woman who is able to communicate through time with her father and prevents his death, thus causing potentially disastrous ripple effects in the present.

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dauntingpixel678d ago

loved the movie frequency. it really does have a premise that would lend itself well to a tv series in my opinion. i'll probably wait a few episodes in and then check it out to see how it is.hopefully it's not one of those series' where there's 1 crime mystery per week.

alycakes678d ago

I myself have to see the first episode to see where they're going with it. I don't know how they will handle the story but if they stick to the same thing that cause the time cross in the movie then it might work for a tv story week to week but it's going to be something that I'm just going to have to wait and see since I just loved the movie so much. The first time I saw it I didn't know what was happening and when I realized everything that was going on I was just amazed and excited because until then I hadn't seen that on a movie and I had to see it again. The tv series will have a lot of work to keep me happy.