Captain Marvel Writer Says Origin Story Will Be Changed Due To Green Lantern Similarities


Captain Marvel screenwriter Nicole Perlman was on the Any Time With Vin Forte Podcast and discussed her time in Marvel's Writers Program and current work developing Carol Danvers' MCU origin.

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-Foxtrot682d ago


Are they f****** kidding me? They finally have something in their control and they pull a DC by changing something for the sake of it.

How the hell is being exposed to Kree DNA the same as a man being granted a ring from an alien

Remember what happened when we allowed a writer do what they wanted? We got Iron Man 3

dauntingpixel682d ago

i had a feeling this was going to cause a bit of ruckus among many people. i actually know nothing about captain marvel so for me it makes no real difference but i can understand why people would be pissed about a major change like that.

dauntingpixel682d ago

also - when you say "...They finally have something in their control..." what do you mean? were the rights of this character with sony or someone else until recently?

Lord_Sloth681d ago

Meh. They changed Drax and Yondu a great deal too. This doesn't really bother me as long as the movie is good.